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Book Review: Unleash the Power of Personal Advantage

Reviewed byPatricia Nordyke Pando

In Texas, they spin a yarn about a small but feisty wrangler. He'd tell anyone who asked, and some who didn't, "I'm not small, I'm just wound tight." This book by Texas author Ellen Denise Junious shares lots with that scrappy fellow. Unleash the Power of Personal Advantage is not a thick tome; it is a slender volume that is wound tight and full of potent information.

The author is not shy. She tells us right out that she is a success and luck has nothing to do with it. "By my definition, I have achieved my personal success. All of my childhood dreams have come to fruition." She shares her powerfully honest stories to show her readers how they can follow her example. Junious had a long successful career in Information Technology and management. She now shares her business skills and personal experience to show others the way to personal empowerment in their business and professions and in their personal lives. The strategic plan model of having a mission statement and then setting goals has long worked for businesses , large and small. Ellen uses the same model to help people reach personal success. It works.

This is not about excuses, the author tells us. It's about action. She starts out with what I'd call basic training. The book's first section considers the tools and skills that the individual who adopts this model will need. The second section cuts to the chase. Seven keys (authenticity, trust, love, affirmation, forgiveness, imagination and confidence) hold the power to unlock personal advantage, which Ellen defines as the way to "differentiate yourself from the crowd and achieve personal success." (You get to define your own success—just as Ellen has hers.)

More than a book, this is a workbook. There are questions and exercises that provoke serious thought and selfexploration. I suggest you take a quick read-through to get the lay of the land, but then settle in. It's going to take more than an evening. Follow Ellen's instructions, and read, as Dennis S. Brown suggests in the foreword, with a pen and highlighter. I'd add a notebook to that list.

I do recommend Unleash the Power of Personal Advantage to anyone serious about seeking a new level of success in either her business or personal life, or both. It'll take time and effort, but Ellen's own life is proof that it can be done. It will also be a useful tool to those who are themselves in the field of personal development and coaching.

Ellen Denise Junious, a resident of Sugar Land, Texas, is a certified life coach. She draws on her own outstanding business career and personal struggles to offer insights on attaining success in her seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements.

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