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Book Review: New Self-Help Book Helps You Tap into Your Personal Power

Reviewed by Christine Zibas  

Ellen Junious’s compact self-help book, Unleash the Power of Personal Advantage, packs a powerful punch to help readers get down to the basics of how to improve their lives. She provides simple tools to help conquer barriers in reaching for success. The author breaks the book into two parts: The first part addresses the mental toughness required to forge ahead, and the second lays out the seven fundamental principles for unlocking an individual’s potential.

Although Junious shares with readers her own trials and tribulations along her own path to happiness and the job of her dreams (as well as some of those she has taught), it is the no-nonsense advice on using tools such as “practice, patience, and sacrifice” to attain goals. Here, there is no magic formula, no certain path to success without a lot of hard work. And this hard work is not merely getting to know oneself, but real, practical steps to be taken in the everyday world. Her advice on setting and achieving goals is some of the most powerful in this book.

Readers will come to this book with a variety of needs, and Junious’s fundamental underpinnings--such as her formula for attaining personal advantage--are sound principles that anyone in any circumstance can follow.

Although her method is goal-driven, she also takes care to point up the need for balance in life among the areas of family, social relationships, career, health, growth, finances, and spirituality. Junious’s own spiritual leanings are those of Christianity, and there is some mention of God as a guiding force in her book; however, these points do not overwhelm the discussion and, as a result, should not preclude those of other religious faiths or even nonbelievers from learning something here.

Unleashing the Power of Personal Advantage is most helpful when it comes to matters of practicality. Helping readers to overcome barriers, creating effective plans, learning to set “smart” goals, and recognizing the constant challenge that life presents along the way to success are all things that the author deals with effectively. Unlike many self-help books, Junious offers no “pie in the sky” one-size-fits-all solution, just a lot of practical steps to help her readers make real changes in their lives. In short, this small book can be a great kick-start for anyone who thinks his or her own life could be better.


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