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The Grits Book Club Radio Interview with Ellen Junious

UNLEASH the POWER of PERSONAL ADVANTAGE by Ellen Junious Listen to the full interview here. Excerpt:

Marlive: Congratulations on your new book, Unleash the Power of Personal Advantage. Please briefly tell us what your new book is about.

Ellen Junious: Unleash the Power of Personal Advantage is an inspiring guide that offers suggestions for achieving personal success by your own definition. I believe that life is to be loved, lived, and enjoyed. Oftentimes people get caught up living someone else’s dream. I encourage my readers to follow their own dreams–not only to dream about what’s possible but to live their best life now.

Marlive: The title of your book is very powerful. How did you come by that title and what personal situations in your own life inspired you to write this book?

Ellen Junious: That is a great question. When I started this journey, I wanted a title that would stand on its own, captivate and motivate my reading audience. When people begin to recognize the beauty and uniqueness they offer the world, I want them to be encouraged to take advantage of every opportunity to reach new heights in every aspect of their lives. For just a moment, let’s think about what sets organizations apart and what differentiates the “A” from the “B” players. We refer to this in the business world as “competitive advantage.” When it comes to individuals, we are born with our gifts, and then we develop our skills and talents that then set us apart from other people. If you are unwilling to live life in a state of complacency, then you can work toward your personal advantages, those things that set you apart from “B” and “C” players.


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