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Unleash the Power of Personal Advantage
by Ellen Denise Junious

ISBN 978-0-595-44390-1

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Are you looking for answers to the question, ‘How do I make my dreams come true?’ This empowering guide, written by a life coach and motivational speaker, presents seven keys to letting go of the past, taking decisive action, and achieving success in your life.

In it is a powerful message about acquiring mental toughness and the fortitude to forge ahead when goals seem impossible to achieve.

Ellen Junious shares intimate details about her life to inspire you to face your own mountains. In Unleash the Power of Personal Advantage, Junious offers seven keys to help you unlock your potential for success:

 •   Authenticity

 •   Trust

 •   Love

 •   Affirmation

 •   Forgiveness

 •   Imagination

 •   Confidence

By following Junious’s formula for personal success, you’ll learn to break through barriers and establish a process for setting realistic goals. Relationships with family, friends, and business associates improve as you recognize self-limiting blocks that inhibit your goals.  Expand your horizons and open the door to making a difference in your life!

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