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Book Review: Unleash The Power

Reviewed bySwaggie Coleman(RAWSistaz Reviewers)

Ellen D. Junious has put together a great book for self-improvement! In a warm, candid, and

conversational tone, she discusses with the reader how to regain or maintain focus and

determination to claim the power within to succeed. Junious offers very helpful and

understandable questions, diagrams, and encouraging quotes to aide the reader in applying the seven keys for success. In comparison with other self-help/personal growth books I have read, this book ranks high with very little to no unnecessary fluff. The seven principals are practical and hone right in on the ideals that every reader, beginner or advanced, who is serious about improving or refreshing their life, will find valuable.

Readers are guided and inspired with nuggets of wisdom which are good to hang on to throughout the day. Collectively, every principal and nugget contained in the book will aide the reader to avoid letting setbacks or negative personal experiences impede personal growth and success. Without being preachy or boastful, Junious shares her own and other's short story experiences to show how obstacles can be re-shaped into stepping stones leaving readers mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally strong(er) to succeed.

Of course, the best way to see if a self-help book will really help to improve the readers personal advantage, is to put it in practice. After reading this book, I particularly liked the Life Balance Wheel exercise. Taking advantage of this exercise will definitely enable any reader to see specific areas of his or her life that can use some improvement. It will enable any reader to set a realistic goal to thrive in that specific area. That is just one of the several ways UNLEASH THE POWER OF PERSONAL ADVANTAGE: 7 Keys to Unlock Your Potential for Success will help you improve and succeed!


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