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Book Review: Let Ellen Help You Unleash Your Power

Reviewed by Louis Hemmi (Houston Book Club)

Fellow Houstonian Ellen Junious has found her voice in authoring "The Power of Personal Advantage." We all know change can be a great help or a tremendous obstacle, depending on your attitude. Some changes come from within, such as when we want to grow and prosper, or from without. Whether we emerge as victors or victims is entirely up to us. "Unleash the Power of Personal Advantage" is a good read, written in a style that is deeply personal and authentic.

"Acquiring mental toughness . . ." is something she urges, and something I'd not seen mentioned in books of this genre. "Unleash" evokes imagery of a power that had been subdued. Overall, her tone is one of strength and urgent coaching, despite revelations of her personal weakness and uncertainty early on.

When you are ready to really take a hard look at who you are, and what you want to become, this is a fine book to use as a tool to work out the details, with Ellen acting as your mentor.

I recommend this book, and hope you will not only enjoy reading it, but in applying the principles to your everyday life.

Louis Hemmi -


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